Frequently asked questions.


> Is the side car safe?

Yes. Our Ural cT motorcycles are built to North American safety standards and are fully certified by US Department of Transportation. We strictly abide by the same rules and regulations as any other motorized vehicle traveling on public roads and highways. Sidecar motorcycles have 3 wheels, so they are very safe and stable as compared to standard 2 wheel motorcycles. They are safe for adults and children (8+) alike. Ural sidecar motorcycles are not fast vehicles; they are built for pleasant cruising, not for high-speed driving. Our tour routes have been carefully planned away from major freeways and we typically will not exceed 45-50mph. Rest assured that your Sidecarists are experienced, certified sidecar motorcycle operators with unblemished driving records, you will be transported safely and responsibly.

> Do I need to wear a helment?

Yes. There is nothing more important to us than your personal safety! California law does require Sidecarists and passengers to wear helmets. However, it is our strict company policy for everyone to wear DOT-approved helmets. We provide (at no additional cost) elegant helmets of all sizes which are maintained in perfect condition. They are cleaned and sanitized after every use. All helmets are equipped with Bluetooth communication systems which allow for a continuous, crystal clear conversation between our professional Sidecarist and all passengers.

> Are there any physical restrictions?

Sidecar models can handle approximately 600 lbs. of total weight including the Sidecarist and passengers. Maximum weight per passenger is approximately 200 lbs. or combined passenger weight of 400 lbs. For safety reasons, your Sidecarist reserves the right to seat passengers in either pillion or sidecar to more evenly distribute weight. Each sidecar is equipped with an “H-style harness” in the sidecar for passengers with disabilities or physical limitations. Please note that in order to tour with us, you must sign a liability waiver before the tour begins.

> Something came up and you have to cancel. What's your policy?

Stuff happens. We totally get it. Here is what we came up with that we thought fair for all parties. Cancellation. 7 days in advance of your tour: All good. Full refund (next time!) 3-6 Days in advance of your tour: We will refund 50% of the fee. 2 days or less of your tour: No refund (we hope you understand).

> Wanna book us for a special event?

Please do! We'd be more than happy to work with you. Contact us @ and tell us more.

> How many people can ride on a sidecar?

Our Ural cT sidecar motorcycles can carry up to three people comfortably, our professional Sidecarist and two passengers (one in the sidecar “chair” and one on a separate seat “pillion” located directly behind the Sidecarist). Both are very comfortable and provide and great open-air views from a slightly different perspective.

> Is there a comentary during the tour?


> May I design my own route?

Yes. This is going to be “your” special day in the sidecar! All six of our tours have been meticulously planned to show you the best of San Francisco and surrounding areas of the the Bay Area. However, if there is a “must see” on your bucket list, you can rely on our cheerful team to accommodate your personal requests. We begin each tour with a brief overview of the planned route, we will be happy to discuss any modifications to the route before we take off. Alternatively, you can request a fully customized tour where you call all the shots. Tell us where you want to go and we will get you there in style!

> What if it rains?

SF rain is very often merely drizzle and in no way impedes a tour. We are equipped and experienced for any downpour (windscreen, gloves, poncho, helmet with goggles). In the event of heavy rain, you can reschedule the tour. For more information on our conditions and on modifying or cancelling a booking please see our booking section.